Media host and former employer MEVIO pulled the plug

I had a seven year working relationship with the podcast media company formally known as Mevio. As of a few days ago they have officially gone out of business which means myself and hundreds of other podcasters have been forced to relocate hundreds of hours of past shows to other providers. In it's heyday Mevio formally known as Podshow was the king of podcasting and even had a brief contract with the satellite radio giant SiriusXM which rebroadcast much of it's programing.

Mevio all but gave up on it's audio content providers a few years back and went with the more fluffy video content. That left many of us with little promotion and a loss of sponsors. As I predicted the video podcasts did not work out and now hundreds of Mevio talent along with full time employees are now out of a job. For me it was a good paying part time gig that I had a lot of fun doing but to me the fun ran out months ago. I plan on taking sometime off to rethink the future of Podshow Radio. If I decide to continue I will post all new shows here along with as many past shows as I can put up.

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