2016 St Pete Gay Pride

Podshow Radio host Brent Bradley was in full force at the 2016 St Pete Pride Parade with man on the street interviews, reports and more. It was one we will never forget!

My Conversation With A Radio Legend - Redbeard

I got to do a interview a few years back with a radio legion. Growing up in Dallas Texas I loved listening to album rock and one of my favorite radio stations as a teen was Q102. Redbeard is truly a God in the Radio industry and amoung other honors a radio hall of fame inductee. Redbeard was on many terrestrial radio stations over his career as well as on SiriusXM. Redbeard continues going strong with his weekly syndicated show on many radio stations all across the country. His show can also be heard at www.inthestudio.net

My Interview With Rick Nielsen Of Cheap Trick

The interview of my life time I got to sit down a few years back and do an interview with a now Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Rick Nielsen Of Cheap Trick. This was really fun! 
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